TRIPOD Tree (TR2) software license

A license let you use the TR2 software during a certain period. See the table below.

A Username and Password will be send to log in at the TR2 website ( The license is not limited to a certain computer or user. To be used from al computers with an internet connection. 


  • This software is 'fit for purpose' as a dedicated tool to set up Tripod tree's. This in accordance with the Tripod theory.  The method is (a.o.) trained in our regular two-day Tripod training (also in company).
  • Prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • See also our General Conditions.

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License costs 2012

License period (year) Amount of licenses License price (euro)
0,5 1 600,-
1 1 1.000,-
1 2 1.500,-
1 > 2 Every extra license 300,-
2 1 1.500,-
2 2 2.250,-
2 > 2 Every extra license 450,-
3 1 2.000,-
3 2 3.000,-
3 > 2 Every extra license 600,-

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